Tulsa (OK) Chapter

The mission of the International Trends and Services Facet is to expand the global platform for programs designed and developed to service the educational, health and cultural needs of people of African descent throughout the world. All programmatic components of the facet are delivered through measurable and sustainable service delivery methods that reach women and their families.

The foremost goal of the International Trends and Services facet is to provide opportunities for tangible service in other countries. Our “boots on the ground” approach provides for more personalized methods for assisting and improving the lives of women, children and men worldwide through long-term programs committed to empowerment and public policy leadership in advocating for social justice.

*This year, The Tulsa Chapter has continued to demonstrate our commitment to enriching and sustaining the cultural and economic survival of a people of African ancestry through friendship and service in Jamaica by adopting the Mount Carey Baptist Basic School and providing needed funds and supplies through our partnership with The River City Chapter. We contributed funds toward building two new classrooms. We also provided supplies for the teachers and students at the school.

*We continue to support the nationally initiated program through “Linkage to Jamaica,” and to identify local Jamaicans, and forming an association where we meet at least once a year to review programs/projects as provided.

*We initiated a new  program component this year – “The Education and Empowerment Program.” This included establishing a pen pal mentoring program among the girls at the Irwin Home for Girls and supplying them with feminine hygiene products.

*Through the chapter’s Integrated Program, we continue to deliver transformational experiences by presenting a lesson on understanding the culture of another country – Jamaica. Last year this course was delivered to the fifth-grade girls at The Gilcrease Elementary School, and the sixth- grade girls at The KIPP Preparatory School with great success. The girls were engaged and expressed their enjoyment of learning about this culture and contrasting it with their own.  On March 9, 2017 we are working with the fourth-grade girls at Gilcrease Elementary